Recent Acquisitions July 2018

Featuring a Vey Special Set of Books by Timothy C. Ely


A small selection of contemporary artists' books and bindings we are bringing to the RBMS Conference in New Orleans. Includes many unique items, miniatures, and movable books.

NEW! Books for London Rare Book Fair

New additions to our London list, featuring Richard Minsky's incredible binding of the first edition of Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here.

London Rare Book Fair Preview

Books to be hauled across the Atlantic Ocean for the London Rare Book Fair, Battersea Evolution, May 24-26, 2018.

Featuring Works by

Richard Minsky, Mark Cockram, Timothy C. Ely, Ana Paula Cordeiro,

Christine Giard, Leonard Seastone, Sonya Sheats

Plus Plenty of Pop-Ups, Movables, & Miniatures

including works by Gabrielle Fox, Colette Fu, and Carla Busquets

Recent Acquisitions May 2018

Mostly Pop-Ups and Movables, including Unique Books & Limited Editions

51st California International Antiquarian Book Fair

Unique Books, Contemporary Art Bindings, and Limited Edition Artists' Books