Christine Giard

Christine GiardChristine Giard has been studying and teaching bookbinding for over 35 years. Her formal academic background is in the sciences, but her true love has always been the arts: literature, drawing, painting, music, and nature photography. Giard discovered bookbinding while she was creating floral art, one of many ways she found to combine art with her love of nature.

In bookbinding, Giard found the perfect combination of her interests and talents. She immerses herself completely in the combination of the precision required in binding structures of all kinds, the attributes of the materials involved, the freedom to choose or create the materials she uses to realize her designs, and the opportunities to never, ever stop learning. Her passion and creativity is evident in her bindings. Giard's design aesthetic leans toward minimalism, but her use of unexpected techniques and materials create a tightly controlled tension that makes her work vibrate with energy.

Giard is trained in trade binding, fine art binding, restoration, conservation binding, paper-making, and several paper marbling and dyeing techniques. She loves that she can work in all of these areas and combine them as she chooses.

Giard has studied with many renowned bookbinding artists, including: Micheline de Bellefroid, Michel Richard, Hugo Peller, Edwin Heim, Vladimir Tchekeroul, Sün Evrard, Hélène Jolis, Edgard Claes, and Anne Goy.

Giard's work can be found in public and private collections all over Europe and the United States, including Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) and The Morgan Library.

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