Bound by: Timothy Ely


New York: 1991. Unique. Hardcover. Fine.


Manuscript and binding signed by the artist. Vhor-text is a fairly early work of Ely’s, rare to find available for sale. The title might as well be “vortex.” At the time of creation, Ely’s personal life was in turmoil. He was disoriented, emotionally and physically, but his move to New York from Oregon had opened a new world of materials, techniques, and influences. It was a period of experimentation and misery. Ely was submerged in a soup of apathy, inspiration, and ambivalence. Vhor-text shows it all. While small in scale, Vhor-text is jam packed. It bounces from chaos to precision and back to chaos. Ely manages to evoke both in each drawing and the work as a whole. Bound in largely brown hand-colored leather with a double board, hollow spine structure. Exposed leather sewing supports. Mixed media relief boards including Florida sand; acrylic paints and glazes; and gold, copper, red, and blue highlights. Decorated endpapers by the artist. Manuscript, letterpress, and transfer monotype title page signed and dated by the artist. Fifteen double-page spreads and two single-page drawings (including the title page) on thick hand-made paper, 18 leaves total. Each original drawing executed in a mixture of pen and ink, graphite, watercolour, dry pigments, hand punches, transfer monotype, and paper transfer prints by Timothy Ely. Housed in a custom clamshell box by the artist. 14cm x 20.7cm.

Price: $12,500