10 lanci di fascia elastica/10 launches of an elastic band

Mantua: Corraini Edizioni, 2017. Signed Limited First Edition. Cardboard covers. Fine.


Copy 166/200, signed and numbered by the artist. 16 unbound leaves between two sheets of cardboard held together with a blue elastic band, the subject of the illustrations and commentary by the artist. This artist's book, published for the exhibition "Carte di balistica elastica" at the Corraini Gallery Mantua, comprises ten loose prints of drawings by Giuseppe De Mattia. The illustrations are of the random shapes De Mattia generated literally with 10 launches of the blue elastic band. The text on the verso of each print is the artist's sometimes hilarious interpretation of each shape, in both Italian and English. Also included are texts by art critics Claudio Musso and Vasco Forconi. The first leaf of the book states: The removal of the elastic band - a by nature fleeting element - does not jeopardize the authenticity of this copy, rather it will help to distinguish one copy from the others over time. Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) studied cinema and urban planning. For several years his research has been centered on observation, the study and recovery of objects destined to be discarded; he recuperates, transforms and then photographs, films, or draws his finds, giving them a new life and purpose. He strives to salvage and take care of what has been created by the passing of time in the form of scraps and waste, making the flea market a fitting birth-place for his research. Most recently his work has found its final form through the use of photography, video, audio and drawing. He is co-founder of the audio-visual duo ‘Fake Samoa’ alongside Nico Pasquini and has published books with Skinnerboox and Danilo Montanari Editore, as well as Corraini Edizioni. De Mattia lives and works in Bologna. Two sheets of cardboard serving as front and rear boards; front board printed in blue, rear board numbered in pencil. Thick blue elastic band. Text in Italian and English. 17cm x 24cm.

Price: $95