Bound by: Peter Geraty

County Survey

Kalamazoo, Mich. Rarach Press, 1989. Signed Limited Edition. Fine art binding. Fine.


One of 38 copies. Poems and essays by James Armstrong and Ben Mitchell, 16 etchings by Ladislav R. Hanka, typography by Amy Bollinger. This copy beautifully bound by Peter Geraty. One of two copies bound by Geraty for an exhibition celebrating Ladislav Hanka's imprint Rarach Press: 50 x 25: An Exhibit of 50 Rarach Press Books Bound by 25 American Design Binders (Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Galleries, Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. Oct. 11 1993 – Jan. 22, 1994). The exhibition also traveled to Houston Baptist College and University of California at Los Angeles. From the Bridwell Library Exhibition catalog: "50 x 25" is not only an exhibition but also a "world premiere," of the most recent work of contemporary bookbinders in America. Arising from an invitation to twenty-five artists to create two distinct bindings of a Rarach Press imprint, the exhibition presents unique and important design bindings which make use of a wide variety of media and techniques. From the Colophon: "County Survey has been a collaborative effort among a number of long­term residents of Kalamazoo County. ... Typography and letterpress work by Amy Bollinger; completed at The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing, Vicksburg, Michigan. ... The artist and publisher is Ladislav R. Hanka. ... The paper is Daniel Smith Archival Print paper. The edition is 38 ..." Binder's statement: I chose to focus upon the need humans seem to have for controlling the land. The book caused me to give much thought to that struggle. The land, subtle but all pervasive and yielding only with reluctance, is the molded form of the leather. The tooled grid arbitrarily bisecting the land is man's work. The airbrushed paper gives some idea as to the personality if the land and its variations. The binding is made from two skins as the book is so large. The texture of the book is made from a pressing die of aluminum foil that was wrinkled to resemble a river on a piece of binders’ board. It was backfilled with gesso to harden it up and the rest of the board was textured with just plain gesso. After the leather was put on, it was allowed to set up for about 30 minutes, and then the binders’ board die was placed on top and the whole thing sent through an etching press. Double board structure similar to a split board binding; concertina sewing. Full green textured Hewit Chieftain goatskin; textured and airbrushed Japanese paper inlays; gold tooling; multi-colored hand-sewn silk endbands. Gray Burga endpapers. Housed in a custom linen-covered dropback box by the binder. Bound by Peter Geraty in 1993. 51.5cm x 33cm.