Esmeralda Tree-Cat/The Lonely Bear

Brooklyn: Booklyn, 2008. Signed Limited Edition. Hardcover. Fine.


Copy 43/50. Stories and illustrations by Christine Shields. From the publisher: Esmerelda Tree-Cat/The Lonely Bear is a tête-bêche (head-to- toe) style book containing two stories - one reading from head to foot and the other from foot to head - in a single bound volume. The stories are both physically and thematically interwoven: the "right side up" text consistently appears on the right side with the "upside down" text on the left; and when read together, the stories weave a unified tale of isolation, transcendence, supernatural powers, and love. Human and ursine characters are loners with turbulent lives until a seemingly serendipitous encounter sparks lifelong friendship. Second edition of 50 copies issued for sale and 8 AP copies. Incandescently silk-screened in five colors by Brooklyn-based Kayrock Press. Meticulously hand-painted with acrylic and gouache by Eliana Perez and Sara Parkel. The original first edition of 6 with 2 AP's was published in 2006 by the artist. Christine Shields is an artist and musician from Northern California. She grew up in various locations, most of them rural, from the Central Coast to the Sierra foothills. A solitary life in nature, along with the influence of a vast range of types of people including hippies, cowboys, bohemians and punks shaped her early life. At the age of 17 she moved to San Francisco, attended the Art Institute, and played in her first band as a drummer. Her creative life, built around necessity and imagination has taken many forms including painting, comics, music and illustration. She also lived in Brooklyn, and participated in the thriving zine, comics, and music scenes in both cities. For a short time she published her own comic, BLUE HOLE, and received the Xeric Grant for comics in 1996. Her paintings have been shown at: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Build Gallery, San Francisco; The Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn; Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica; New Image Arts, Los Angeles; Oakland Museum of Art; and The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco. She currently resides in California. Lap-case binding with navy bonded leather spine and wood panel boards hand silk-screened by Candice Sering. Binding by Sara Parkel and Eliana Perez. Sewing and letterpress printing by Sara Parkel. Pre-press and pre-press coordination by Amy Mees. Color separation by Panayiotis Terzis. Housed in a faux-fur pouch with glo-cord and toggle closure. 23.5cm x 31.2cm.

Price: $800