Bound by: Ana Paula Cordeiro


New York: Ana Paula Cordeiro, 2015. Signed Limited First Edition. Fine art binding. Fine.


Copy 8 of 21 numbered copies and 1 AP. 46 unnumbered hand-sculpted leaves bound in a sculpted purple limp parchment binding. Letterpress printed from hand-set type, wood-cuts, and photopolymer-plates in approximately 50 colors, with tipped-in resin-coated photographs. Only 8 copies and the AP have been bound thus far. Artist's statement: A constant among the many variables I encountered in the study of book structures was the association between historical ownership and lavish decorations: how the use of expensive metals and precious stones safeguarded the bindings through their travels across space/time. Limp-vellum books, which were exquisitely engineered but quintessentially utilitarian, are a good example of how unadorned works were left to their own devices. Enamored with its flexibility, strength and grace, I set out to derive from its potential a sculptural element that would stand as its wealth and guardian. Titled “Lightweight”, this book is sculpted page by page, one page thickness at a time, to embody with exactitude an angled beam. It speaks of ways to cope with a world in which the elements of balance that matters most are intangible: situations with as much surface tension as a soap bubble; the variations of mindsets throughout the seasonal fluctuations of sun exposure; the percentage of madness within genius and vice-versa. Ana Paula Cordeiro makes books by hand, photographs with film, prints from lead type, and writes either sparingly or profusely on unbound folios, which she then proceeds to bind into volumes. Originally from Brazil, she lives in Manhattan and does all her work at The Center for Book Arts communal shop. Her artist books are collected privately and institutionally. Laced-in limp purple parchment sculpted binding. 3-part construction. White, black, and purple lacing. This copy with variant hand-sewn endbands (lavender with a burgundy stripe, rather than orange). Letterpress-printed paper title label laced to front "board." Tipped-in resin-coated photographs, letterpress printed from hand-set type, wood-cuts, and photopolymer-plates. All art, printing, photography, and binding by the artist. Custom box by the artist. 21cm x 20cm.