The Beach

Palo Alto, CA: Smith Andersen Editions, Summer 1993. Signed Limited First Edition. Boards. Fine.


Copy A/P4 from an edition of 8 plus 4 Artist's Proofs. Woodblocks by Matt Phillips, printed by Kathryn Kain, designed by Susannah Hays. 9 woodcuts, letterpress printed colophon. Matt Phillips (1927-2017) was an American painter and printmaker best known for his revival and mastery of the 19th century monotype technique. He also worked extensively in other print forms such as drypoint, etching, lithography, and woodcut. Phillips taught at Bard College (NY) from 1964-1987. He then moved to Northern California and continued to work and exhibit for nearly 30 more years. Kathryn Kain was the master printer at Smith Andersen Editions from 1991 until it closed in 2016. Susannah Hays, a paper conservator and artist, was married to Matt Phillips from 1991 to 1997 and collaborated with him on this and other books. D. Vanessa Kam, Matt Phillips: The Magic in his Prints: "The images that Phillips draws in the creation of his work nourish an undeniable sense of place that he strives to evoke. Among the subjects he returns to, time and again, are beach scenes, the bustle of open air markets in such places as Guatemala, Israel, and Morocco ... and the rolling hills of Napa Valley and Montana. Phillips, a veritable artist nomad, seems equally intrigued by the attributes of nature (coastlines, trees and other landscape features) as he is the attributes of people (their architectural structures such as mosques and the Eiffel Tower, the sociological phenomenon of modern-day markets and their attendant colors)." Matt Phillips: "Having grown up by the seaside, it is natural that I should be especially drawn to this subject. Beaches everywhere in the world are magical; there's a lot to see and enjoy, a real democracy of sensation." An elusive and lovely book of woodcuts depicting scenes incorporating human forms, the beach, and the sea. Copies located at NYPL, Stanford, and the Fine Arts Museums of SF. Each copy appears to employ variant colors. Paper covered boards. Eight of the woodcuts are printed on one side of a strip formed from 4 joined sheets of Japanese paper, folded accordion style; 1 woodcut mounted on front board. Woodcuts are black and white (4), black & white with teal blue (4), and black & white with pink (front cover cut). Colophon printed in blue on rear board. Signed and numbered by Matt Phillips on colophon. 14cm x 18.7cm closed. 106cm x 18.7m open.

Price: $1,500