[Untitled Small Square]

[Brooklyn, NY]: Kelie Bowman, 2015. Unique. Boards. Fine.


Unique artist's book, signed by the artist. 12 "leaves." Drawing on her experiences living and working on a sailboat, both in Tampa Bay, FL and Jamaica Bay, NY, Kelie Bowman has crafted a body of work inspired by her observations of light reflecting on water. This a unique book from Bowman's "Limitless Range" series, in which she explores the effect of shifting light on the constant motion of the sea. Bowman silkscreens washes of color onto paper, creating unique prints, then cuts each print into geometric patterns that, when sewn together, can be folded and warped in virtually endless combinations, making each reading experience unique. Playing with these books, the reader creates personal architectural landscapes: explorations of color, abstraction, depth, and, perhaps, even perception of space and time. Kelie Bowman lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She grew up in Clearwater, Florida close to the beach. Bowman earned a BFA from the University of Florida in Video, Performance and Photography (Summa Cum Laude) with a Minor in Art History. After college, Bowman performed with the Cloud Seeding Circus of the Performative Object and lead bike tours in Germany. Eventually, her travels took her to New York. In 2004, Bowman founded Cinders Gallery, now a not-for-profit organization, with the artist Sto Len. Bowman makes music and art in the bi-coastal band Light Hits. She has exhibited internationally, painted several large scale murals, and has work in the permanent collections of MoMA, NYPL, RISD, and Yale, among other institutions and private collections. Silkscreened boards. Silkscreen on paper, modified accordion fold structure, thread. 14.3cm x 14.2cm

Price: $500