New York: Purgatory Pie Press, 2004. Signed Limited First Edition. Self wraps. Fine.


Copy 106/150. Signed on the colophon by the proprietors of PPP, "publisher/art director" Esther K. Smith and "letterpress typomaniac" Dikko Faust. Initially issued as a Purgatory Pie Press subscription publication. Five toys in the set, each signed by the artist: Buggy Night by Judy Hoffman (1999); House of Beauty by Harvey Redding (2000); Happersett Accordion by Susan Happersett (2000), a single surface Moebius strip which folds to reveal two distinct chiaroscuro faces; The Divine Diviner by Stephanie Brody Lederman (2001), six "page" mobile hanging by a thread; Transmorgri-Factory by Chris Collicott (2004), a magic wheel postcard. Handmade stiff black folded paper self wraps. Letterpress printed title on front, colophon on the back. Each of the five toys is held in place by semicircular tabs cut into the paper. 9.5" x 6.75"