Bound by: Sonya Sheats


Paris: Gibert Jeune Librairie d’Amateurs, 1938. Limited Edition. Full leather. Fine.


Second Edition. Copy 1325/3000. Gargantua is the satirical and scandalous 16th century novel by Francois Rabelais. Illustrated by Albert Dubout with 74 wonderful and sometimes provocative full color illustrations. Sonya Sheats began her binding studies in the studio of Anne Vion in France in 2000. She has been practicing and teaching bookbinding ever since, returning to France frequently to study with master binders, including Edgard Claes, Sün Evrard, Michel Richard, and Florent Rousseau. Sheats works with unusual leathers, wood, and polycarbonate as well as more traditional materials and structures. Her art ranges from minimalist leather bindings in muted hues to raucous colors and designs rendered on polycarbonate using automotive paint. No matter what material or structure, Sheats' craftsmanship and sense of style shine. Sheats' work can be found in public and private collections in the United States and Europe. Bradel binding sewn onto parchment bands with exposed yellow linen thread. Parchment hollow spine in sections adhered separately from the steel boards. Boards covered in a Xeroxed image and then covered with light parchment. Red Nepalese paper endpapers are a beautiful finishing touch. Bound by Sonya Sheats in 2014. 19.4cm x 26.5cm.

Price: $3,800