Bound by: Malina Belcheva

La couleur du vent

Montreal: Éditions d’atelier de reliure Cécile Côté, 2011. Signed Limited Edition. Hardcover. Fine.


Copy 50 of 75. Signed by Gilles Vigneault and Natassja Imiolek. La couleur du vent is a collection of poems by Gilles Vigneault, illustrated and designed by Nastassja Imiolek under the artistic direction of Cécile Côté. It was the set book for an international exhibition of bookbinding arranged by ARA-Canada in partnership with the École Estienne (Paris). The invitation to participate was extended to all alumni of the École Estienne and members of ARA-Canada. Gilles Vigneault is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and ardent Quebec nationalist. Artist's statement: The motifs on the front and back covers are Baroque, inspired by Gothic tales and the poetry of Gilles Vigneault. The coloration of the leather is inspired by the intensity of light and darkness in Turner’s paintings. Laced-in binding. Doublures and flyleaves of deep blue watered silk in. Leather headbands. Engraved moiré design on high-density black boards covered with undyed goatskin. Full decoration on front and back covers painted with a solution of copper, brass, and aluminum metallic powders. Bound by Malina Belcheva in 2013. 17.5 x 25 cm.