Bound by: Sonya Sheats

Bien Aimé Raymond

Vézelay: Éditions de la Goulotte, 2002. Signed Limited First Edition. Hardcover. Fine.


Copy 52/75. Text and illustrations designed and lithographed by Jean-Marie Queneau. Signed on the colophon by J-M Queneau. WITH: Original lithograph invitation to the launch party 26 September 2002. Bien Aimé Raymond is a previously unpublished poem by Max Jacob (1876-1944), the French novelist, poet, and painter, contained in a letter to Raymond Queneau. Jacob was close friends with many avant-garde writers and artists including Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, and Amadeo Modigliani. Queneau joined the Gallimard publishing house in 1938. His son, Jean-Marie, is the creator of this book. He runs and is one of two illustrators for Éditions de la Goulotte. All books published by Éditions de la Goulotte are lithographs, both text and illustration, and are printed by hand in runs of 100 copies or fewer. Éditions de la Goulotte mostly publishes poetry by contemporary writers and previously unpublished works by 20th century poets. Dorfner, or open structure, binding sewn onto four light yellow watersnake bands, blue goatskin spine, bird’s eye maple boards with dyed maple onlays, bird’s eye maple doublures, Silsuede flyleaves, and Nepalese paper blanks. Bound by Sonya Sheats in 2007. 28.5cm x 20.5cm.